Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Rock Project

following our story last week about stuart's school band, further info about the tape has emerged.

stuart appears twice, firstly in a band called 'stratospheric love hippies' performing 'psychedelic paradise', and then in 'psychocat' performing 'freedom'. the personnel appears to be the same for both bands - stuart braithwaite, craig wallace, david blacoe and william hamilton.

the recording, production and mixing was done by strac recordings, a record company set up by strathaven academy secondary school in south lanarkshire, scotland. victoria, stuart's older sister , is amongst the recording engineers.

thanks mark.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of hearing this? It'd be interesting if nothing else.

Rob said...

I'd guess not, unless further copies of the tape surface.

Anonymous said...

Just googled my name, and was rather surprised to find it here! I am David Blacoe. I'd be interested to hear the tape myself.

Rob said...

David - drop me an email