Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Aloha Hawaii

from chemikal underground:

Aloha Hawaii - Coming Soon...

Who the hell are Aloha Hawaii? Aidan Moffat and Stuart Braithwaite, that's who, and they've got a new project which we're delighted to be working with them on. As if they're not busy enough, Stuart and Aidan have conceived of Aloha Hawaii and will be releasing a sporadic series of strictly limited edition 7" vinyl singles which will eventually find their way on to an album at some point in the future.

The first 7" will be 33rpm and will feature the following tracks:

A: Towns On The Moon
B: I've Been Bad For Years And Years

Now, here's the thing: these singles will be available on Vinyl only and when we say vinyl only, we mean vinyl only. There will be no digital files available of these tracks or certainly any digital versions of these tracks you can get your hands on will not be sanctioned by Chemikal Underground. Stuart and Aidan wanted to release something that was purely for you vinyl junkies out there and we saw absolutely no earthly reason to stand in their way. The first Aloha Hawaii single will be available in late July/early August - final date to be confirmed (you can never tell until we get the test pressing approved etc.). Keep an eye out for future updates and of course, on our online shop where it will be on sale first...

Of the 2 songs recorded so far as Aloha Hawaii one has loads of african sounding drums, mellotron and thumb piano and the other is in 5/4 and has noisy jazz saxophone played by James who plays in Remember Remember. I bought a toy amp for £1 at a car boot sale which i played electric guitar and bass through on both songs. SB

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