Monday, June 17, 2013

Mogwai - Zidane in Glasgow - 21st July

Performing live to Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait

Sunday 21st July 2013

220 Broomielaw
G2 8JP

[NB - Ticketweb has the start time as 6pm?]

A film directed by Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno 

Produced by Sigurjon Sighvatsson, Anna Lena Vaney and Victorien Vaney

Anna Lena films / Palomar Pictures / Love Streams Agnès b. / Arte Cinema

One of the most beguiling portrayals of an individual in recent cinematic history, Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait is a football film like no other. Using 17 cameras, the film tracks the legendary French midfielder Zinédine Zidane throughout a 2005 Spanish league match at Madrid’s imposing Bernabéu Stadium — on and off the ball, in the thick of the action and on its periphery. The result, from directors Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, is a dramatic, hypnotic and deeply beautiful depiction of one of the world’s finest footballers performing on one of the sport’s grandest stages. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Mogwai — and for the first time, the band will be performing it live alongside the movie in a series of three UK concerts beginning with the World Premiere of the event at Manchester International Festival ‘13. The Glasgow quintet have built a deserved reputation for the fearsome intensity of their live shows, and this show at the incredible new concert site 220 Broomielaw offers a rare chance to see them in action in a very unique setting.

 Film courtesy of Anna Lena films / Palomar Pictures.
 Commissioned by Manchester International Festival and produced in Glasgow by 220 in association with SWG3 & Synergy Concerts.
Also available from / Tickets Scotland / Ripping Records / 08444 77 1000

Friday, June 14, 2013

Twitter RSS feeds R.I.P

Twitter have turned off their support for RSS feeds in the last few days. This means I have no way of keeping up with the various Mogwai-related Twitter accounts - there are workarounds, but I don't have time to set those up at present.

If you use Twitter and have time to keep up with Mogwai on there, I'd recommend doing so as that's where they currently announce most of their activities. The rest of us will have to make do with the sporadic website updates, and hope that Facebook don't turn off their RSS feeds in the near future.

It's likely that this blog will be updated even less frequently than it has been recently, until I get time to work out a convenient way to get this info to come to me rather than having to hunt for it.

I'm seriously considering whether Brightlight needs a news function any more. When Tom started the site in 1998, there was a definite 'gap in the market' - there was an active exchange of information about the band on email groups but no website to back this up. Obviously the situation now is entirely different, as is my domestic and work situation, and it's been increasingly noticeable that Brightlight is not breaking news in the way we once did.

Temporary hiatus or longer break? We'll see.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Concert to Save the Sighthill Stone Circle

[Poster by David Shrigley]

Concert to Save the Sighthill Stone Circle

27th July 2013

Platform, Glasgow

Tickets - £6
Bus from Mono at 1630 returning at 2300 - £4
Doors 1700

Tickets available from Monorail, Tickets Scotland and Platform

Featuring Stuart Braithwaite, Aidan Moffat, Eugene Kelly, Emma Pollock, Remember Remember, RM Hubbert, Adele Bethel (DJ) and Very Special Guests.

Interviews with Stuart regarding the show and the Sighthill Stone Circle:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Les Revenants/The Returned on Channel 4

The Returned (Les Revenants) starts on Sunday 9th June, 9pm on Channel 4 in the UK.

Stuart was recently interviewed about the commissioning, writing and recording of Mogwai's score for the TV show:

Interview with Dominic:

Stuart on Zidane
Have you played any of the Zidane tracks live before?

Yeah, we've played Black Spider, which is the main theme, and 7:25. But we're going to have to relearn the rest. Which I'm really looking forward to actually, because some of them are very sprawled out and vague and not the kind of thing we'd normally play at a concert.

Are you tempted to embellish them with classic Mogwai crescendos?

Well, it's quite loud already. The film ends with 15 minutes of noise when Zidane gets sent off. It's actually pretty brutal.