Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paul Leonard Morgan

Stuart and Barry have been in the studio with Paul Leonard-Morgan today. Am I the only person who said "who?"

Paul Leonard-Morgan is a BAFTA award-winning and Ivor Novello nominated composer.

Apparently he's worked with a considerable number of Scottish bands over the last few years, as well as scoring numerous TV and film projects.


mixing The Singing Mountain

So presumably this is the new track with loads of orchestration, hence the composer/arranger?

'Burning' teaser #2 and London screening

Burning - London screening

Mogwai and ATP present BURNING PARTY
A Special Screening of the Mogwai film ‘Burning’

VENUE: The Scala
DATE: Thursday 3rd June 2010
VENUE ADDRESS: 275 Pentonville Road, King´s Cross, London N1 9NL
VENUE TELEPHONE: 020 7833 2022
DOORS OPEN : 7.30pm

The Burning Party will also feature a live performance by Remember Remember (Rock Action records) and DJ sets by Mogwai, Fuck Buttons and Errors.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alan Moore vs Doseone/Andrew Broder (and Stuart)

From Pitchfork:

The freaky, heroically bearded comic book genius Alan Moore is the man responsible for form-defining classics like Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which means dorks will hold him in titanic esteem until the end of time.

Moore has teamed up with some big music names lately. He's currently working with Gorillaz on an opera about the life of the English alchemist and magician John Dee. And on July 5 in the UK and July 6 in the U.S., Lex will release Unearthing, a box set centered around audio of Moore reading a story with a score by a crew of out-music all-stars.

The Unearthing score is credited to Crook&Flail, a duo comprised of Fog's Andrew Broder and Adam Drucker, better known as abstract rapper Doseone. Others drop in to contribute: Mike Patton, Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, Jesu/Godflesh frontman Justin Broadrick, and prolific drum-wrecker Zach Hill.

The limited edition box set includes the whole two-hour program on both CD and vinyl, an EP of instrumental highlights, a copy of Moore's script, and images by photographer/director Mitch Jenkins. Jenkins and Moore are also working on a photo-illustrated version of Unearthing.

Talking to Pitchfork last year, Doseone told us a bit about the project: "Mitch did all the photos, and so it will be more like a giant coffee table book than anything else. But the writing itself is extremely dense. It's a prose-based novel, and it's too confusing for me to try and correctly encapsulate. But it is about, uh, a co-worker of Alan's and somehow seemingly about Alan himself. And it's about the comic industry, the world of magic, the world we live in, the world we don't live in."
Pre-order available now, £50 plus shipping

Update: further snippets of news and photos:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Honest Strings - 19th April 2010

"HONEST STRINGS: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose" download compliation is on sale from today. Stuart Braithwaite's 'Song For Jack' is amongst the contributions (see massive list below).

$15 for over six hours of music. A bargain by anyone's standards.

Alvarius B.
Elisa Ambrogio
Bardo Pond
Nathan Bowles
Stuart Leslie Braithwaite
Hans Chew
Coach Fingers
Byron Coley with Son of Earth
Luther Dickinson
Chris Forsyth
Danny Paul Grody
Steve Gunn
Heather Leigh
Hush Arbors
C Joynes
Joseph Mattson (reading from "Empty The Sun")
Jenks Miller
Bill Nace
No Neck Blues Band
Cian Nugent
Charlie Parr & Mike Gangloff
Six Organs of Admittance
Spectre Folk
D. Charles Speer
Spiral Joy Band
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
lloyd Thayer
Rick Tomlinson
James Toth, Kerry Kennedy and Jason Meagher
Cath & Phil Tyler
Scott Verrastro / Nathan Bowles
Zaika with Loren Connors
Zaika with Paul Flaherty

Ash remix - free download

Ash have made the Mogwai remix of their current 'Dare To Dream' single available as a free download (in exchange for an email address):

Update: the one-sided 7" of the Mogwai remix is on sale from Ash's online store:
Thank you 'klivert70'

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mogcast 3

The third Rock Action podcast is here:

This months podcast comes in the form of a mix by Iain from the mighty Part Chimp. A lovely man and some lovely songs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Burning in Birmingham - slight return

Stuart was interviewed at the 'Burning' screening in Birmingham on 27th March. The interview was recorded by Brumcast.

Listen (streaming audio):

Download (mp3):

Burning in Berlin - 28th May

The German premiere of the Mogwai live film by Vincent Moon and Nataniel La Souanec will be at the Babylon Berlin Theatre on 28th May at 8pm. The film comprises footage shot over three nights at sold-out shows in Brooklyn on April 27th, 28th and 29th 2009 at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg. As part of the screening the film will be introduced by a member of Mogwai. Preceding the film will be a selection of videos from the Rock Action Records roster including Errors, DeSalvo, Part Chimp and more. After the showing there will be a short Q&A session and then band member Barry Burns will be playing records upstairs in the theatre until close.

Record Store Day - Sat 17th April

Stuart is DJ-ing at Monorail, Glasgow (6pm) as part of Record Store Day - Saturday 17th April.

And don't forget these Record Store Day releases:

Mogwai / Fuck Buttons 'Colours Move/Mogwai Fear Satan'
10" vinyl, 500 only
Rock Action

Ash 'Dare To Dream' (Mogwai remix)
7" vinyl, 1000 only, one-sided with etching
Atomic Heart

If anyone's in a position to pick up copies of these for me, I'd very much appreciate it. I'm going to be 50 miles form the nearest RSD-participating shop on Saturday.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Burning in Ulverston - 8th May

Another screening for Mogwai's 'Burning' live film:

Sat 8th May 2010

Ulverston, Cumbria, UK


I'm trying to post details of 'Burning' screenings as I come across them. If they ain't here, I don't know about them - please get in touch.

Friday, April 2, 2010

PEACE compilation on sale

Back in February, we reported that Mogwai had contributed an exclusive track to a new download compilation benefiting Amnesty International. PEACE has been put together by Barcelona djs Buffetlibre and includes exclusive tracks from 180 artists.

The Mogwai track is 'Cody (CaVa)', an alternate take on the 'Come On Die Young' track recorded in Glasgow in 1998.

PEACE is on sale now:

Donation options range from 5 euros to 25 euros

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mogwai vs Alan Moore?

Back in September on, Stuart wrote:

We're making some music for a spoken word record by my favourite comic writer of all time.

A recent interview with Tom Brown [Lex Records] says:
Provisionally titled Unearthing, it’s the first audiobook by Alan Moore, Britain’s best-known comics writer. But instead of the usual illustrations, it will feature staged photographs from Hollywood snapper Mitch Jenkins and a specially recorded soundtrack from Adam Drucker (better known as Doseone of leftfield rappers cLOUDDEAD) and Andy Broder of Fog.

Moore is notoriously uncompromising. He disowned the film versions of his comic books Watchmen and V for Vendetta and has been loath to involve himself in projects over which he doesn’t have complete control. But, despite (or even because of) the end result sounding “somewhere between jazz and metal, which sounds disgusting, but is actually really good”, Brown says Moore and Jenkins are “incredibly enthusiastic. We didn’t know if they’d get it at all. I’ve no idea what music Alan likes. The only band that have been mentioned so far are The Cult.”

Still only in demo stage, the project has mushroomed and in its final form will most likely include cameos from Mogwai, Justin Broadrick (of Jesu, and ex-Napalm Death), Zach Hill from Hella and Mike Patton, the Faith No More frontman-turned-art-rock Zelig, with Moore himself providing the spoken parts. “It’s really ambitious, over two hours long,” says Brown. “I wanted to have something like the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood [by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood]. It’s not a little object, it’s a big thing.” The final hurdle is deciding how to package it. The end product is equal parts Moore, Jenkins, Fog and Doseone, suggesting a release across multiple formats.
Thanks Mark.