Monday, March 31, 2008

A Rock Action Sampler Spring 2008

as previously announced, april's plan b magazine (on sale 7th april) will include a covermounted rock action records sampler cd. the cd will also be given away to ticketholders at forthcoming mogwai shows in glasgow and london.

full details, including the tracklist, have just been published at the rock action website.

1. Kling Klang – Apex (from Esthetik Of Destruction)
2. Remember Remember – Fountain Mountain (unreleased)
3. James Orr Complex – Man-O-War Way (from forthcoming album 'Com Favo')
4. Envy – Shield of Selflessness (from Insomniac Doze)
5. Errors – National Prism (from forthcoming album ‘It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever’)
6. Mogwai – Dracula Family (unreleased)
7. Part Chimp – Bring Back The Sound (from I Am Come)
8. Kling Klang – Hvydale (from Esthetik Of Destruction)
9. Trout – Lying Face Down (from Norma Jean EP)
10. Desalvo – Ripper Situation (from forthcoming album ‘Mood Poisoner’)
11. James Orr Complex – Free Harmony (from Chori’s Bundle)
12. Errors – Mr Milk (from ‘How Clean Is Your Acid House?’)
13. Part Chimp – Dirty Sun (unreleased)
14. Envy – A Warm Room [Live] (from Transfovista DVD)

the mogwai track is exclusive to this compilation, and was recorded at castle of doom by tony doogan, overdubs and mxing by andy miller at chem19.

Thursday, March 27, 2008



Nearly Done!
Good day. We are almost finished mixing our howling hawk of a new record and we're so pleased with it that we might never release it and instead just put it on our own iPod shuffles and walk the streets of Glasgow, never speaking, Syd-Barrett-style forever.
It's got it all, dreamy ballads about forbidden love gone awry, one minute pointless instrumentals and even some spoken word about the future of the music industry in India. If and when you allow yourself to hear these bitching jams you're going to want to buy some seriously good crystal meth just to take the edge off.
You know how Radiohead let their album be downloaded for free? Well, our very own John Cummings had his own method of doing this when he left his new mogwai-new-album-containing laptop in Nice n Sleazies by accident the other night. Don't worry, it's all fine.
Okay, just a wee update. I hope you are all well.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sled Island

mogwai are amongst the first confirmations for the sled island festival.
the festival takes place in calgary, alberta, canada between 25th and 28th june. the exact date of mogwai's show is to be confirmed. other artists include of montreal, jose gonzalez, wire, rza and scott kannberg (formerly of pavement).

update - pitchfork tells us that scott kannberg is curating the festival

Friday, March 21, 2008

Rock Action compilation

some further info on the forthcoming rock action compilation cd can be found here:

the compilation is covermounted on april's plan b magazine, and will also be given away to ticketholders at the london show on 12th may (and the glasgow show on 26th april - thanks stuart). the compilation includes the exclusive new mogwai track 'dracula family', plus kling klang, rememberremember, james orr complex (one old track, one new track), envy, errors, mogwai, part chimp (one old track, one new track), trout and desalvo. cover art from aidan moffat.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

QEH sold out

tickets for mogwai's show in london on 12th may sold out in a couple of hours this morning.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mogwai demos '98

back in december, we reported on a mogwai demo tape that had appeared on ebay.

given the number of 'untitled' tracks, the contents of the tape have been the source of a considerable degree of interest, and that's unlikely to be diminshed by the tracklist:

1. guardians of fitba (2.34)
finished and mixed? re-working of 'guardians of space', complete with crowd noise and cut 'n' splice football commentary samples by john motson for those not familiar with the name). ends with motty announcing 'the score is scotland 6, england 0'. intended for a scrapped chemikal underground world cup ep in 1998. unreleased.

2. helps both ways (5.28)
finished and mixed? sounds like the recording included on promos for the 'no education = no future' ep, which were then withdrawn due to uncleared samples of john madden's american football commentary. listed as 'ex-cowboy' on the tape inlay.

3. ??? (3.06)
unknown and unreleased

4. waltz for jo (3.50)
demo version of 'come on die young' track

5. ex-cowboy (8.06)
demo version of 'come on die young' track

6. xmas steps (6.49)
demo version of 'come on die young' track. original title 'cunt' appears on the tape inlay.

7. rollerball (3.56)
demo version of 'no education = no future' ep track

8. 7:25 (6.40)
demo of a markedly different version of this track, eventually released on the 'zidane' soundtrack in 2006. longer intro and coda, short noise section.

9. root (1.19)
mogwai's contribution to thurston moore's 'root' compilation. titled as 'mogwai w/thurston' on the tape inlay.

10. i can't remember (3.13)
finished and mixed? sounds like the recording included on the 'glasgow' compilation ep.

11. sweet leaf (6.00)
finished and mixed? sounds like the recording included on the 'do the rock boogaloo' split single.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Brightlight blog


to mark our tenth anniversary, and in an effort to bring at least some sense of modernity to this old house of ours, brightlight is proud to announce the launch of

as of now, this will replace our long-suffering news pages, the main advantages being that (for you) we now have a news feed you can subscribe to (it's at the bottom of this page) and (for me) news can be updated online (i know, i know, we should have done this five years ago etc etc).

the rest of the site will continue to function as it has done for the last ten years. i've added a few relevant links to the blog already, please let me know if there's any other pages you use regularly and would like to see linked.

comments, suggestions, gripes to rob



hello everyone.
we've a new date to announce, london this time. see the
details below;

12th may 2008
queen elizabeth hall, london

w/remember remember plus very special guest

tickets go on sale at 10am tuesday 18th march.
box office details: 0871 663 2500 and

tickets are £20 plus booking fee

ticketholders will get a rock action compilation