Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Hawk Is Howling tracklist


Our new album The Hawk Is Howling is released by PIAS/Wall Of Sound on September 22nd and Matador in America on September 23rd. It is just over 63 minutes long. It was recorded by Andy Miller at Chem 19 in February apart from one song which was recorded by Tony Doogan at Castle Of Doom last summer. It was mixed by Gareth Jones at Castle Of Doom in March and mastered at Abbey Road by Sean Magee in April. The songs on it are:

1 I'm Jim Morrison, I'm dead
2 Batcat
3 Danphe and The Brain
4 Local Authority
5 The Sun Smells Too Loud
6 Kings Meadow
7 I Love you, I'm Going To Blow Up Your School
8 Scotland’s Shame
9 Thank You Space Expert
10 The Precipice
the track recorded in 2007 is 'the sun smells too loud'. thanks stuart.


Anonymous said...

Yet again, Mogwai titles never fail to amuse me!

Anonymous said...

yes there are some crackers here (and i wonder if "kings meadow" is named after the location of tesco in reading?!) but does anyone else think that track 3 is misspelled and should be "daphne and the brain", as in the bird off of scooby doo? whatever, can't wait to hear this record after the QEH show.

graham burgess, maker of twins

swd said...

psst. that's a picture of an eagle, not a hawk.

Rob said...

see the comments here:

an eagle is a type of hawk