Wednesday, June 18, 2008


well-used home to fans of bands with unwieldy names, has thrown up couple of interesting threads this week.

firstly this, from 'babyloncher':

A little pointless story to share with you all. I was at my parents house yesterday sorting through some old cds/records/cassettes, when i found a cassette tucked away which contained Stuart Braithwaite's (main man from Mogwai) first recorded output. Both my sisters (my eldest sister babysat him a couple of times!) and I went to school with Stuart you see, and the cassette was a school project containing 9 or 10 songs performed by various high school bands. It was called 'The Strathaven Academy Rock Project'. Lo and behold, one of the bands was Mr Braithwaite's. It was cool to suddenly find a giant of post-rock's first release, he would have been about 14 or 15 at the time!

and stuart's been answering questions. key points - manchester academy is a crap place to hang out, promoters offering 20 quid and a pizza will probably not get a booking, further touring plans exist beyond those already announced (european shows in the autumn being very likely), a couple of glasgow restaurant recommendations, an expanded 'come on die young' may be in the works. and - surprise! - some stuff about pedals.

I really like the Bon Iver album, the Neon Neon album, the new (leaked) Deerhunter album and The Goslings. The Goslings are mind blowing. SB

> which mogwai album's sessions stand out as the most satisfying as far as capturing the music/feel/mood most accurately to the way you wanted them to sound?

CODY and Happy Songs were both very close to how i imagined them sounding. There was a lot of playing live in those sessions which i feel is important. The My Father My King session had a great atmosphere which translated onto the recording too.

> do you feel that your newest album is your "best" album?

I don't know. its too new. I do like it a lot. SB

> which song do you like performing live the most?

I like playing songs that are very simple (Helicon 1, Mogwai Fear Satan, We're No Here etc) because i don't have to think about what to do next and i can just listen to what is going on and get immersed in the noise.

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