Friday, August 28, 2009

Mogwai - new online store
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North American merchandise store:
Vastly larger array of items of clothing for sale here

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crippled Black Phoenix hit the road

The Crippled Black Phoenix show at Invada Invasion (Colston Hall, Bristol, 26th September) will be a collaboration w/Emerald Ensemble Orchestra.

In addition, Crippled Black Phoenix have a number of other September shows lined up:

12th - UK, Leeds, Rio's The Venue
13th - UK, Edinburgh, Counter Culture Festival @ GRV (headlining 2nd night)
14th - UK, London, Dingwalls
18th - GR, Thessaloniki, Principal
19th - GR, Athens, Kyttaro
26th - UK, Bristol, Colston Hall (Collaboration w/Emerald Ensemble Orchestra @ Invada Invasion)

Keep an eye out for what's shaping up to be an extensive European tour through October and November.

As seasoned Crippled Black Phoenix watchers will know, Dominic was unable to join the band for their North American tour earlier this year. Mogwai's recent extensive touring means that Dominic will be playing at some, but not all, of the forthcoming Crippled Black Phoenix shows.

"I'm in for the Edinburgh and London shows as well as Bristol but i'll not be making the Greece dates.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


From the forum:

You not doing the atp's then?

Unfortunately not. SB

Meaning that the Invada Invasion (Colston Hall, Bristol, 26th September) may well be Mogwai's last UK show of 2009?

Ticket sales appear to be going well. The Colston Hall website has none available at the time of writing. Try Bristol Ticket Shop instead.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soulsavers remix update

Thanks to Graham for his comments following our earlier report on Mogwai's remix of the Soulsavers track 'Death Bells'

To recap - it was suggested that the remix might appear on the bonus CD accompanying Soulsavers 'Broken' album when purchased from Rough Trade.

Just skimmed through the bonus cd (irritatingly one 32 minute track and no track listing) - sounds like remixes by Soulsavers, not the other way around. So no sign of the Mogwai mix.

Enquiry to Rough Trade shop got this response - "All I know is that it's a mix from a radio show they did. Sorry I can't be more help". Still a great sounding album though.
Maybe there are no plans for the track to be released beyond the free download?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Major to relative minor + delayed guitar = girls crying

New Stuart interview:

Soulsavers remix


Soulsavers‘ forthcoming third LP Broken is dominated by the voice of Mark Lanegan ahead of other collaborators Jason Pierce, Mike Patton, and Richard Hawley. The original of ‘Death Bells’ features the standard and brutally effective Lanegan scowl surrounded in howls of feedback and guitar noise so it’s hard to imagine exactly what Mogwai would do on the remix.

It turns out the Scots have replaced the original feedback with their own and added some bleepy echo. The track now shudders into a crystallised treble-heavy wall of noise. Nice work.

Click the link above to listen, or download from this blog:

The remix was completed by John Cummings. If anyone has info on a physical/digital release for this remix, please let me know. Soulsavers website is a MySpace page and therefore an information-free zone.

Update: The remix was first given away as a download by the German music magazine Visions.

According to the Mark Lanegan fansite (where would we be without fan sites?), the remix is also included on Rough Trade's exclusive 'Broken' bonus CD, available here:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Part Chimp tour dates

Part Chimp 'Thriller'

Released 21st September 2009

UK tour dates in September, European tour dates in October:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Invada Invasion - further info

Following our report that Mogwai will be joining the line-up for the Invada Invasion at Bristol's Colston Hall on 26th Sept, some further info from the official press release:

Curated by Geoff Barrow
Colston Hall, Bristol, 26th September 2009


Scottish sonic noise architects MOGWAI have been announced as the perfect headliners for Invada Invasion held in Bristol on 26 September. Invada – the label run by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow – stages a one-day takeover of Bristol’s newly re-launched Colston Hall. In Barrow’s words: “The lunatics are taking over the asylum…. There’s going to be lots of amazing noise and interesting things to stare at,” says Barrow, who promises to make the event “like a mini festival.”

Named the Invada Invasion, the event will see Invada storming each of the venue’s three performance spaces with a winning line-up culled from the label's own roster and some like-minded individuals. Representing Invada are Malakai, Joe Volk, Team Brick, Rosie Red Rash, Fuzz Against Junk, Gonga and Thought Forms plus a very special, one-off collaboration between neo-prog heroes Crippled Black Phoenix and Bristol string section The Emerald Ensemble with arrangements by Ben Salisbury and Elizabeth Purnell. Salisbury has also contributed orchestral arrangements for Joe Volk.

Representing the label’s friends are local boys done good and all-round noise terrorists Fuck Buttons, who last played for Barrow at the Portishead-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in 2007. Adding to the eclectic bill are Italian giants Zu and Zun Zun Egui with more acts to be announced. DJs for the evening include Invada DJs and Grumpyman.

In addition to the live performances there’ll be a high visual element to proceedings with special projections for the main hall acts by AV artist John Minton. The arty aspects will centre around a specially commissioned exhibition presented by Friend & Co, the Bristol-based underground art gallery and creative platform founded by Barrow and Tom Friend. The showcase will feature the work of Mr Jago, Byroglyphics, China Mike, Acerone, Mudwig, Asbestos, Paris, Eco, 45RPM and more TBA.

The poster for the event is styled on an old British wrestling poster, a nod to Colston Hall’s hosting of wrestling meets in its former incarnation. “I always wanted to go to the wrestling as a kid because I would see the posters around Bristol,” says Barrow. “I never made it… but I did see Cameo there in 1984.”

The Invada Invasion is the climax of a full week of events celebrating the £20m relaunch of the 142-year-old foyer. Including a jazz fest, a comedy gala, ‘Nature's Great Events’ narrated by Sir David Attenborough ‘and a special orchestral performance from Roni Size, but Invada’s promises to be the most raucous of all.

Sounds like it should be quite a night. We're awaiting confirmation, but this does appear to be a one-off show for Mogwai, rather than part of a UK tour.

All Points West

I know Mogwai Fear Satan is great, but...

Anyone attend? Setlist? Reviews? Photos?

Bristol - 26th September

INVADA INVASION now to feature MOGWAI !!!

Geoff Barrow is very happy to announce in addition to the already strong line-up for his Colston Hall event, MOGWAI have just been announced to headline the main room.
Geoff and the rest of us here at Invada are absolutely ecstatic with this coup, and we hope that people will really make an effort to come to this huge show.

The line up is simply amazing and features Invada bands such as Gonga, Rosie Red Rash, Thought Forms, Fuzz Against Junk, Malakai + special one "one off" collaboration sets from Crippled Black Phoenix, Team Brick and Joe Volk performing with "The Emerald Orchestra".

Geoff has also invited Italian supreme avant jazz math rockers ZU, All Tomorrow Parties melodic drone merchants The Fuck Buttons, and Bristol Tropical Prog Funk band Zun Zun Egui
The event is on the 26th September and tickets for this event can be purchased on-line from or in person from the Colston Hall box office or the Bristol Ticket shop both in Bristol.

alternatively email for further information

Hopefully this will be part of a UK tour?