Monday, November 18, 2013

'Rave Tapes' format tracklisting update

Boxset tracklists:
Heavy pressed die cut LP/CD/cassette

Heard About You Last Night
Simon Ferocious
Hexon Bogon
Master Card
Blues Hour
No Medicine For Regret
The Lord Is Out Of Control

Exclusive heavy pressed 12" coloured vinyl (pink):
A - Bad Magician 3 (3:32)
B - Die 1 Dislike! (5:26)

1 sided heavy pressed etched 7"
A - Tell Everybody That I Love Them (4:28)

Printed download card for high quality download of all tracks contained in box


The Sub Pop pre-order states "You’ll also receive a bonus 7" with two extra songs with your pre-order of Rave Tapes", so this is a different 7" to that included in the boxset.
It's not currently clear whether the Sub Pop bonus 7" has the same tracklist as the 7" included with the UK/European indies-only vinyl.

Update - Stuart has confirmed that the bonus 7" will have the same tracklist across all formats.

To muddy the water still further, the Japanese CD [Hostess Entertainment HSE-30324] will have bonus tracks - some pre-orders suggest two additional tracks. Again, it's not yet known whether these bonus tracks are duplicated in the boxset or other formats.

This could get very, very expensive....


Anonymous said...

Plus, there are obviously two Vinyl Box sets availabe at Amazon:
B00GMVBJC4 (probably Japanese import – no EAN yet known)
B00G9Q3N9O (Rock Action Box set)

Maybe s/o can enquire Hostess Ent. about the first mentioned ASIN? There is probably the HSE release with the two bonus tracks included in this Box set?

Rob said...

Thanks for the heads-up. The first of these has been changed to 'currently unavailable' - looks like a duplicate listing to me.

Anonymous said...

At there are the two bonus tracks available, entitled 'Bad Magician 3' and 'Die 1 Dislike!'