Friday, November 8, 2013

Mogwai vs Kanye West

(via Consequence Of Sound)
Kanye West is (for those just emerging from under their rocks) one of the most vocal and progressive talents in modern rap. Mogwai is a Scottish-based quintet known for their lengthy, heavily distorted brand of instrumental post-rock. Now, those two dichotomous worlds come together at last thanks to a new mash-up from Chicago production duo The Hood Internet (who know a thing or two about the ways of the mash-up.)

“Tu Ne Peux Rien Me Dire” pairs West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” vocals with an unnamed Mogwai piano-and-drum piece. The resulting track is like a musical Reese’s cup, with West’s boisterous rhymes given a sheen of darkness while the brooding instrumentation sounds more playful underneath West’s rampant charisma.

Mogwai's tracks is The Huts (thanks einzack)

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