Saturday, September 6, 2008

PIAS - a strange beast

apologies for this, but i am out of options.

in the last couple of days, brightlight has been pleased to receive two 'thank you' messages from THE WEB SHERIFF on behalf of mogwai's label pias.

we have long tried to 'do the right thing' - not posting downloads (or links to downloads) for any of mogwai's official releases at any point in our ten-year history, for example. we (and i'm including tom and iain here as well) have worked tirelessly to promote mogwai's various activities, and the band have been unstinting in offering their support in various ways.

you'd think that, under the circumstances, we might have attracted some degree of interest and involvement from pias, given that mogwai have been signed to the label (or their offshoot wall of sound) since 2000. and, during nic shanks' tenure at the label around the release of 'mr beast', you'd be right. beyond that, they have been fucking useless. at the time of writing, i have been repeatedly attempting to get someone at pias (or bad moon pr) to answer emails since the end of last year. i have not had a single reply.

i am not interested in hearing from the WEB SHERIFF again. but some contact from pias or bad moon would be most welcome.

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