Sunday, September 7, 2008

Batcat and Aloha Hawaii out tomorrow

as if a reminder were needed....

'batcat' ep
8th september 2008
pias/wall of sound
cd: [WOS037CD]
12": [WOS037T]

in addition to the pre-orders we listed last week, there appear to be some decent digital deals around (digital sales started today). 7digital has the full ep for £0.99, for example. further links welcome.

also out tomorrow:

aloha hawaii [stuart braithwaite and aidan moffat]
'towns on the moon' b/w 'i've been bad for years and years'
10" vinyl only (no digital release)
ltd to 1000 copies
chemikal underground

single of the week at norman records:
It starts off amazingly with quite industrial beats and a mental little processed riff that morphs around until it's eventually complemented by some lovely string action. It's bright and sunny shit that totally lives up to the Hawaii thing. The closest comparison I can think of is that track off the new Mogwai LP that they put up for free download, 'The Sun Smells Too Loud'. It's got definite hints of the Lucky Pierre stuff but most of all I'm reminded of Black Dice. The track on the other side is called 'I've Been Bad for Years and Years' that's also got a bit of a grinding factory feel to the drums, like the lead track it's not hugely abrasive but it works a treat along with the droning synths and squeeling guitar solos.. It's making me think of stuff like Cluster and Guru Guru, a real Krautrock feel. Things get taken down notch about halfway through and we go out all floaty and content. To round off the package it's all packaged up in an ace little retro design too. Brilliant, best thing I've heard on Chemikal Underground in years!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't beat 7Digital, but sell all of Batcat to download for £1.45 in total. £7.55 for Hawk.

Rob said...

thank you