Sunday, April 8, 2012

Knock For Knock - Crook/Bowthorpe/Mogwai

The (full?) version of Antony Crook's 'Knock For Knock' film, featuring Mogwai's 'Drunk And Crazy', can be found here:

Shot in Tokyo by Antony Crook, and featuring a soundtrack from Mogwai, Rapha and RSA Films present Knock for Knock. With a script written by long distance cyclist James Bowthorpe, Knock for Knock is a human interest story that depicts a sportsman’s fight against his inner demons.

James Bowthorpe cycled around the globe in 176 days in 2009, a feat which challenged him both mentally and physically. A chance meeting between Crook and Bowthorpe’s girlfriend lead to their first collaboration, the film 30 Century Man. The evolution to Knock For Knock was quite natural:

“From my initial inspiration for the central character to Antony’s casting masterstroke… Rapha and Mogwai’s involvement clinched it. We wanted to make a kind of sequel to 30 Century Man, but something that turns away from the infinite horizon and looks inwards, towards fear and fighting it. There is a bike in it, but it’s not about that.”

Since 2011 Antony Crook has worked extensively with the Glaswegian band Mogwai, shooting the cover artwork and photography for their album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. The band have amassed a cult following and the whispering brutality of their song ‘Drunk and Crazy’, taken from the EP Earth Division, lends itself beautifully to the film.

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