Friday, September 25, 2009



Hello people. I thought i'd stick something up here to assure you all that we haven't perished. We're heading to Bristol imminently for the Invada Invasion show tomorrow which will be our second last show for some time (Zaragoza is the last). While we won't be playing shows we won't be idle as we have lots of stuff to do. We're making some music for a spoken word record by my favourite comic writer of all time. We're recording a verison of Ghostrider by Suicide for a single on Blast First. We're finishing our end of the live in Brooklyn film and record, which is looking like having its premiere in November. We're also going to write and record a new album. Thanks to everyone who's came to see us play since we released The Hawk Is Howling by the way! Its been a blast. Cheers! Stuart. ps Go and buy Thriller by Part Chimp!! Its awesome!!

Part Chimp were great in Birmingham last night. Further UK and European dates:

Unconfirmed stage times for Invada Invasion suggest that Mogwai will be on stage at 10.15pm.

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