Monday, August 17, 2009

Soulsavers remix


Soulsavers‘ forthcoming third LP Broken is dominated by the voice of Mark Lanegan ahead of other collaborators Jason Pierce, Mike Patton, and Richard Hawley. The original of ‘Death Bells’ features the standard and brutally effective Lanegan scowl surrounded in howls of feedback and guitar noise so it’s hard to imagine exactly what Mogwai would do on the remix.

It turns out the Scots have replaced the original feedback with their own and added some bleepy echo. The track now shudders into a crystallised treble-heavy wall of noise. Nice work.

Click the link above to listen, or download from this blog:

The remix was completed by John Cummings. If anyone has info on a physical/digital release for this remix, please let me know. Soulsavers website is a MySpace page and therefore an information-free zone.

Update: The remix was first given away as a download by the German music magazine Visions.

According to the Mark Lanegan fansite (where would we be without fan sites?), the remix is also included on Rough Trade's exclusive 'Broken' bonus CD, available here:


Graham said...

Rough Trade are offering a "Bonus Mix CD" with Broken; waiting for my copy to arrive to see if it contains this.

Rob said...

Thanks Graham - let me know when it arrives please.

Graham said...

Just skimmed through the bonus cd (irritatingly one 32 minute track and no track listing) - sounds like remixes by Soulsavers, no the other way around. So no sign of the Mogwai mix.

Graham said...

Enquiry to Rough Trade shop got this response - "All I know is that it's a mix from a radio show they did. Sorry I can't be more help". Still a great sounding album though.