Saturday, February 21, 2009

Strasbourg broadcast postponed, Nantes video available soon

Tonight's scheduled Grafhit broadcast of Mogwai's recent Strasbourg show has been postponed.

Beaucoup d'entre vous l'attendait! Malheureusement, nous sommes contraints de reculer la diffusion du live de Mogwai que nous annoncions la semaine dernière. N'ayez crainte, l'équipe de Graf'hit vous promet que ce n'est qu'une histoire de temps mais que vous pourrez, très bientôt, écouter le live de Mogwai enregistré lors de leur concert à la Laiterie à Strasbourg. Le live de Mogwai est reculé!
Thanks Markus. Further info on the rescheduled broadcast when we have it.

Apparently a short film made at Mogwai's recent Nantes show will be available at - possibly as soon as Monday (23rd Feb)? Thanks to 'Anonymous'.

update: The Nantes video is here:


Anonymous said...

the video is on line go to :

it's really short (6 min length), with just extract from the show (batcat,Precipice,Cody,i love you)
cut with Barry Burns itw where he promote De Rosa new's album (again!)between other stuff.
Btw fun extrem stuart's close up on cody!

Oh,and thanks for your work up here it's a major resource!

Rob said...

Thanks for your input, the site would be impossible to maintain without fan contributions.

Anonymous said...

i just found here an stuart's itw from there venue in strasbourg, it was directed by a real journalist from a french/german tv (arte tv)so it's quiet better than the first link, but it only publish this on is own blog (no other media appearance).
only sound but it's a nice itw, typically french questions, funny question at the end...

here it is:;jsessionid=ED2AE728117F5116D2AA7F42F767F7DD?method=getPost&postId=65686&blogName=Le_poing_et_la_plume