Saturday, October 25, 2008

London show successful, afterparty shambolic

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Reports on last night's Mogwai show in London are, understandably, very favourable.

The 'Mogwai Presents A Party Under The Arches' afterparty appears to have been a shambles, however - either massively oversold (in which case refunds are due?) or just plain incompetence.


Asked as to why fans had to queue for so long to enter the aftershow party, Dominic Aitchison added: "That's pretty bad. We're sorry about that. It's not been very well organised, but the band really didn't have much involvement besides helping putting on the DJs."


Unknown said...

the gig was quality, but the club was awful. after seeing the enormous queue at midnight, i went for a drink somewhere else and came back at 1 to see it was the same size and someone who was halfway down the line said they'd been there for 30-40 minutes, so i just sacked it off. i'm sceptical, but have you heard about them issuing refunds?

Rob said...

I've heard nothing yet about refunds.

Anonymous said...

I was on the guestlist for the aftershow event and still had problems entering as none of the security guys I asked seemed to know where the guestlist queue was. I feel that the main problems with the event were due to poor management of the crowds and a failure to separate guests, ticket holders and people who wanted to pay on the door. This is the venue's responsibility surely not the promoter's?