Monday, August 23, 2010

New album recording progress

Dominic on Twitter:

FUCKING YES!! I have finished recording all my parts for the record. So I'm off home to have a celebratory whiskey and play Battlefield BC2.

Stuart on
"We've done like eight songs, but we're starting with the drums and the bass and stuff, so I haven't done that much," admits Braithwaite, who'd been outside playing badminton with Cummings before talking to, while their other bandmates worked inside the studio. "But I'm really happy with how it's sounding."

"I know some of the songs are faster than they were before, but we've got 21 songs so maybe we'll lose one and we'll add one of the slow ones," he says of the music. "It's hard to tell."


Anonymous said...

Cool. Maybe an album before the year is out, eh?

I knew all that talk about you have to love what you do by that professor who tried to talk me into leaving university, when I seemed exhausted and delayed handing in papers was wrong. Dominic's ecstacy in not having to do more work proves it. Then again, who isn't exhausted doing the same thing over and over for weeks at a time.

Yanagimachi said...

Did it leak ? Hehe!