Monday, August 16, 2010

New album recording sessions

Now into their third week, recording sessions for Mogwai's seventh studio album commenced at Chem19 Studios in Blantyre (near Glasgow) on Monday 2nd August, with Paul Savage at the controls. The album will be mixed at Castle Of Doom in October. Apparently 10 weeks of studio time has been booked over the next few months. The album is currently scheduled for release in February 2011.

The band are doing a great job of documenting what they're up to, as noted by Drowned In Sound last week:

Forum member Jontosh has kindly created a Twitter list compiling all the bands accounts:

Mogwai's Facebook photo album


In amongst all the food chat, there has been the occasional snippet on musical progress.

Stuart (2nd August):
End of the 1st day back in the studio with Paul Savage since mixing Mogwai Young Team. Very happy.

mogwaiband (3rd August):
We recorded 3 songs today. Never been done before and probably never will again.

Dominic (3rd August):
Drums, bass and guitar for the first tune are now done. Moving on to John's now obligatory face melter. Working title "Batman"

Martin (6th August):
First studio injury! Pulled muscle in my arm. Should be fine by Monday. Rest of Friday off, hmmmmm..... what to do? I think I'll have a beer

Stuart (6th August):
"Speed, Weed and Meade" has just been mooted as a possible album title.

Stuart (12th August):
Barry should write a book on inappropriate studio behaviour

Stuart (13th August):
Massive pile of pedals from Dunlop/MXR/Way Huge arrived today. I fucking love my job. I got a mxr flanger, phaser, tremelo and a fuzzface.

Dominic (16th August):
Martin has just finished doing all his drums for the record. Lucky bastard.

Stuart (22nd Sept):
About to sing a really fucking depressing song you'll all be glad to hear i'm sure. Race against time to get miserable vocal recorded before leaving for the Celtic game.

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