Monday, August 30, 2010

Mogwai - Glasgow 29th August - setlist and photos

Thanks to James Good for the setlist.

Photos by Alex Woodward @ Crimson Glow Photography.

Mogwai's first show of 2010 took place at Stereo in Glasgow last night (Sunday 29th August), with all proceeds going to Lanarkshire Cancer Trust and to aid the victims of the floods in Pakistan.

The show saw the live debut of two new songs, listed on the setlist as 'Werewolf' and 'Sludger'. Youtube video of the latter at the end of this post. Apparently the first of these is actually titled 'How to Be a Werewolf'. Stuart introduced 'Sludger' as 'Rano Pano'.

Mogwai's longest UK show for at least two years culminated in a 30-minute 'My Father My King'. The second half of the set was notable for how little time Barry spent playing keyboards, instead treating the adoring throng to long periods of ear-torturing guitar noise whilst leaning casually against a pillar.

The show's speedy sellout meant that the posters produced by Tom Konx-Om-Pax were not needed, and they were given away at the end of the show.

Mogwai's second (and final?) 2010 show, at the Metamo Festival in Japan (4th September), should be well worth seeing.

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Anonymous said...

I like that synth that emerges at the end; wish that part went on a bit longer.. or maybe I just couldn't hear it over the wall of guitar noise.

Thanks for posting, as always.