Monday, March 1, 2010

Cure fans invade 'Burning' premiere

A Cure fan's perspective on last night's 'Burning' UK premiere in Glasgow:

The comments are worth a read too.

Anyone else attend?

Tickets for the new Mogwai documentary Burning also sold out quickly. A black and white concert film shot over three nights in Brooklyn by Vincent Moon and Nat Le Scouarnec (both in attendance yesterday at the screening), the screening was followed by a special secret live DJ set by band members at Mono.

No sooner had the Gregory’s Girl crowd filed out, warmed by the spirit of classic cinematic nostalgia, then it was time for something completely different, but equally essential, with the premiere of Mogwai’s beautifully-shot black and white concert film Burning. After being “treated” to a selection of some of the worst music videos ever produced, courtesy of Mogwai’s Rock Action label (why is it that great bands are always fans of really dire music?), the muso-filled crowd lapped up the film, which was everything you would expect from the influential Glasgow band: artful, intense, sonically stunning and at points achingly self-indulgent. In person, the band are anything but pretentious though, and frontman Stuart Braithwaite hit the nail on the head in the post-screening Q&A when he said that all that really matters in music is the melody, describing conceptual music as “moribund” (a word I last heard uttered by the immortal Alan Partridge). For me, Burning reinforced the notion that Mogwai’s music works best as a purely aural experience, no matter how well constructed the accompanying images. But the crowd loved it, with sections of people spontaneously applauding throughout the film. Another great success for GFF.

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