Monday, March 29, 2010

Mogcast 2

The second of Mogwai's podcasts has been posted today:

In this months podcast i’m joined by non-dom tax exile Barry Burns. During the podcast we were having some serious problems working the equipment which brought flashbacks of other Mogwai related technological horror shows such as my pedals giving up during the Oya festival, John’s laptop having a shit fit onstage at Glastonbury and everything stopping working altogether at Coachella.

Thankfully unlike these disasters the good folks at Radio Magnetic were able to fix all our blunders so hopefully it will just seem as if we’re getting in a tizzy about nothing. Hope you enjoy it.

Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Open
Capone and Noriega – Thug Life
Tuxedo Moon – No Tears
Belong – October Language
Torche – Charge of the Brown Recluse
Dr Dooom – No Chorus
13th Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House
The Fall – Our Future Your Clutter SHOWCASE
Electromagnetic Beam – $7 and I’m new
Aphrodite’s Child – The Four Horsemen
Abner Jay – Cocaine
Autechre – R Ess
Parliament – Come in out of the Rain
Ivor Cutler – Sharks

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