Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ya Barry dancer

(Intro: Ivor Cutler: Women Of The World)
1: Electromagnetic Beam: $7 And I'm New
2: Severed Heads: Dead Eyes Opened
3: Stephan Bodzin: Sonnenwind
4: Anthony Rother: Back Home
5: Extrawelt: Erste Unversicherte Allgemeinheit
6: (I really don't know who this is, maybe you do, sorry!)
7: DJ Koze aka Monaco Schranze: S├Ąger von St. Georg.
8: Daft Punk: Rollin and Scratchin
9: B.O.R.G: OnE

Hello. My name is Barry Burns and I'm from Glasgow (though I'm now based in cheaper, colder, weirder but certainly less violent Berlin). I'm a member of the instrumental band Mogwai from Scotland. More precisely I am the piano player and sometimes guitarist. They also even allow me to write songs.
If you haven't heard of us I'm not surprised. If you have heard of us and you like our music for whatever reason then please don't expect my mix to have loads of boring one-chord shimmering guitar "soundscapes" band do enough of that already along with about 40+ similar bands so instead here's a load of tunes I like to either dance to with my wife or just listen to before going out to one of those 24-hour pubs that dangerously furnish many street corners of Berlin town.
I do DJ at clubs but not nearly as much as I'd like to. This is probably a combination of the facts that I don't like asking people things and also that I'm not amazing at it.....yet. Give me 15 years and you'll all be asking for me.
Hope you enjoy the mix. Really.

Thanks Jiffy. Seems I'm a month behind on this one.

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