Friday, May 29, 2009

Mogwai in Malaysia documentary

In its 'Weekend Watch' feature, Malaysia's New Straits Times newspaper mentions a TV documentary, to be broadcast this weekend, about Mogwai's first visit to the country in January.

8TV airs a new programme showcasing Mogwai, a rock band originating from Glasgow, Scotland.

Mogwai Wuz Hear is a half-hour rock-documentary on an all-access look at the band’s first ever trip to Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with its 2009 Asian Tour.
It airs on Sunday at 11pm.
Looks like 8TV broadcasts and archives online. If anyone can find a schedule for Sunday, let me know - presumably the Mogwai documentary is part of a music series as I couldn't find it mentioned on the website.


Anonymous said...

Here's a 30 second trailer:

Hopefully it will be archived under the 'Catch up TV - 8TV Quickie' programme link. Looks like you need to register to watch. Steve

Rob said...

Thanks Steve. Registering was very straightforward. The 8TV Quickie show seems to be archived back to Nov 2008.

Anonymous said...

The show is archived now. Looks quite frantic - haven't watched it through yet. Steve

pop kid said...

It's like a TV version of Smash Hits mogwai style!

Anonymous said...

its now avaialble at youtube also in 3 parts ...happy watching