Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pedal-ing for Malawi

The Malawi Education Project will be holding a music themed ‘Silent Auction’ at The Croft, Bristol on Wednesday 27th May to raise us some much needed funds. Everyone who comes will be given their own secret number, which they then use to bid on the prizes dotted around the venue. Keep an eye on the prizes you’re interested in, mind. Otherwise someone might out bid you, and if they have, out bid them back, and hard at it.

Some of the prizes on offer here are really rather special in our humble opinion… And do remember inside of your brain that many of them can be bought at a steal, and some are simply not available to buy anywhere else EVER, so please come down and bring as many of your friends as possible, and get bidding after you have drunk enough alcohol to spend more money than you know you can really afford to, but for a good cause. Oh and get your friends to tell their friends too. Thanks.

There will be a small fee to GET IN.

Mogwai have donated a signed Electro-Harmonix 'Mogwai Big Muff Pi' pedal for the auction. Only 100 of these were made, as promo items for the 'Rock Action' album in 2001.

A full list of prizes can be found on the forum


sAMsKi said...

wowwwweeeee! that pedal!

James said...

There are separate dials for Rock and Action.

Manatee said...

Ah man, I just bought a Big Muff. Would have much rather gone for something like this if I knew about it.