Friday, May 1, 2009

Call for Brooklyn audience recordings

From Stuart on the forum:

Guys, we are reasonably urgently looking for good audience recordings of the 3 Brooklyn shows. We need to hear the shows to decide which songs to mix for the dvd/cd and mixing every song from all 3 nights would take ages.

Please get in touch if you can help.

Update: Did anyone tape on Monday (27th)? The other two shows have been sourced.

Some further info on this project from Stuart:
The plan is to do a dvd/cd and probably an lp too. the tracklisting will almost definitely be different as the fim makers were pretty specific about what songs they wanted to use and i doubt we'd have the same choices.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. He doesn't want to listen to the official band recordings of those nights but wants to listen to fan recordings? How does that take less time? Also, I'd hate for their official release to be some fan made thing with lots of crappy screaming and hand-claps.

DVD sounds pretty sweet, though.

Rob said...

I would guess that they've done the sensible thing and left the official recordings (which they may not have had time to copy before they left) in NYC rather than carry them around on tour and risk losing them?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm hoping for the board audio and a sweet DVD/CD...I can't wait to see/hear!

Anonymous said...

Okay, for a sec, I was scared they'd use audience recordings. I was getting scared of a general trend of artists using audience participation to general crap effect; the Beastie Boys had a horrid-looking live DVD of fan flimed videos and The Cure did a bit of the same for their 2005 DVD, too. I was worried Mogwai were headed down the same path.

Good to know, Rob.

Anonymous said...

well , easy to understand
the 3 shows may have been recorded on multy tracks, and you have to mix all before you can listening to it
instead of mixing the full three shows ( time and money), they gonna chose the songs with the bootlegs and then mix the tracks choosen