Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ticket bundle update

Via the Matablog:

We got pretty excited about the upcoming Mogwai tour so we created a special bundle for those of you who haven’t picked up The Hawk Is Howling yet.

If you buy a bundle, you will receive a ticket for the Mogwai show of your choice and receive the deluxe CD/DVD version of The Hawk Is Howling in your mailbox. You get the ticket you want for the regular price and the album you need with a generous discount. Make sure to print out your order confirmation and bring it with you to the show, you’ll be on the Matador guest list for the night!

A good deal then - the bundle price is around $10 more than the standard ticket prices but avoids the charges piled on by major ticket outlets (presumably - if this is wrong, please let me know). And The Hawk Is Howling CD/DVD is worth less than $10 of anyone's money.


Unknown said...

You don't like the Hawk, Rob?

Rob said...

I love The Hawk - in fact I think my two favourite Mogwai albums are the last two (Zidane and Hawk).

You mean the last sentence? That was supposed to be ironic. The majority of people who've heard the album will have paid bugger-all for the privilege.

Unknown said...

Oh, heh, well that went right past me!
Maybe 'cause I'm part of that majority. Sadly.
Oh well, as you were :)