Thursday, April 16, 2009

Competition time again

There have been many great posters produced for Mogwai shows over the years (see Gigposters for more examples). Particularly notable have been those designed by Igor Hofbauer for the shows in Zagreb, Croatia.

Thanks to Igor's generosity, Brightlight is pleased to be able to give away ONE copy of the poster above. Approx 38" by 26", 'normal' poster print (rather than a screen print). Please note - it has been carefully folded four times by Igor prior to posting.

In the absence of any flash of creative inspiration, the competition is a reprise of a previous poster giveaway.

Mogwai's US tour starts in Houston on Monday (20th April).
*Name five songs you think will feature in Mogwai's set in Houston.
*Tiebreaker - name the opening song.

Lists to by 5pm (UK) on Monday 20th April. I reserve the right to bring the deadline forward, or change the competition, if the setlist becomes obvious before Monday for whatever reason.

If anyone has any decent ideas for future competition questions or prizes, please get in touch.

update: Competition closed. Lucky 13 entries. Results in the morning when I get the setlist.

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