Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crippled Black Phoenix tour underway

The Crippled Black Phoenix US tour started in Chicago on 2nd April and finishes in Atlanta on 18th April


Q: You’ve got a rotating cast of contributors to CBP. Who will be in the touring band and are you making any compromises due to economic factors (like, will you be bringing over fewer band members because travel costs are too high?)?

A: We’re touring with the medium size band, we won’t have the two drumkits or the brass and violin, but we will have the cello, piano, synth/organ plus the normal guitars/bass drums set up, there’s 8 players this time, so we haven’t stripped things down at all really, we want to do the loud set….and that we shall do. Dominic is unclear whether he’ll make al the shows due to the fact that Mogwai are starting their tour on the last day of ours, it’s frustrating for both of us, especially when we had this tour booked for months and the Mogwai machine takes Dominic away at the last minute. We also have a new guitarist, Karl, he is just too bloody good actually, we may have to make him a bit more sh-t like the rest of us! Putting together this tour has almost destroyed me, but i just couldn’t give up on it, so many things have tried to prevent it or tell me it won’t happen, but faced with complete failure, utter defiance is the only response.

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