Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two shows for Tramway

brightlight understands that mogwai will play two sets at the tramway, glasgow (26th april) after an invitation from the promoters of a mogwai tribute show being held in tokyo on the same day.

it is anticipated that mogwai will take the stage for the first (shorter) set at 4pm, enabling a live video link-up as the climax of the 'raidworld festival'. the festival also features performances from explosions in the sky, mono, envy and world's end girlfriend.

the second mogwai set will take place at the end of the glasgow show, after performances from clinic, dirty projectors, malcolm middleton, errors, frightened rabbit, magik markers, correcto, rememberremember. further info as we get it.


Rob said...

I hope nobody took this too seriously. I've only had one email correctly guessing that it was an April Fool (well done James) so presumably there will be plenty of people turning up early at the Tramway. Even Stuart and Barry got caught out.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm in glasgow actually and I will completely enjoy my time for a new mogwai gig!!!
I was sure it was an april fool as it seems completely impossible to do like that...2 shows at the same time...
Anyway it's fun!
Poisson d'Avril in french!