Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mogwai Young Team live in Spain

from http://www.mogwai.co.uk/
Mogwai Young Team - Live
Afternoon, a special announcement of sorts.
We're going to be doing a exclusive performance of the 'Mogwai Young Team' record live in its entirety at this year's Summercase in July. For more information about the festival you can visit their website here .
the summercase festivals take place in barcelona and madrid over the weekend of 18th and 19th july. further details to follow.


Anonymous said...

April fool or genuine?

Rob said...

Genuine - check the Summercase website

Anonymous said...

Damn, I knew this getting married malarkey was a mistake (only joking Jo!).

Anonymous said...

Cool. This is quite a mainstream Festival. Went last year and saw Jesus and Mary Chain amongst others.

The venue in barca is ideal as it's near hotels and bars and you can nip in and out.

The bands are on from 6pm to 4am. Young Team at 1am with a few estrella's? Can't think of anything much better than that

usuario said...

It's the best new I could ever read, but it's anything but cheap. I wouldn't have any problem paying 60 euros for Mogwai only.
By the way, someone's is interested on one of kidneys, i'm selling them to can afford to go to this. They're on pretty good conditions.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Spaniards! Who started the trend for playing entire albums live? The first act I'm aware of doing it was Slayer for the 20th anniversary of their third album a few years ago, which they fitted in at the end of their show as it's only 30mins long.

Anonymous said...

finally theyll be forced to play katrien again !