Sunday, May 22, 2011

US tour setlists - help needed

A big thank you to all those who've contributed setlists, reviews, photos etc for the gigography this year.

I've drawn a complete blank so far on the last three shows of the North American tour (Birmingham AL, Atlanta GA, Nashville TN) - anyone seen information on these three dates? I'm after something more reliable than links to, please - that site is worse than useless most of the time.

In similar vein - there must be other sizeable photography websites beyond Flickr? Suggestions welcome.

Mogwai's next two shows take place in Spain and Germany next weekend, then they have a well-earned break through June before undertaking a lengthy trawl around Europe in July.

Update - found Atlanta, just Birmingham AL and Nashville TN to find.

Update 2 - got Nashville (thanks Sam and Cayte), just Birmingham AL to find.


avtaper said...

I don't understand why you hate so much.
It's a wiki website and it encourages people to add whatever song they remember. It obviously can be wrong and specially during the first days after the show. But most of the time the setlists are acurate.
Plus I don't see much difference between your setlist and the ones on on the US tour...

Rob said...

'Hate' is a bit too strong.

It's a wiki website but unfortunately no-one thought to ask the users to name their sources, so what's posted is inherently unreliable. I always look for a second source before adding anything to Brightlight unless I know the identity of the person who's posted on (such as yourself, avtaper)

It'd be a tragedy if were to become the prime source of online setlist information - ephemeral and unimportant as it may be, it's always good for it to be accurate.

"Plus I don't see much difference between your setlist and the ones on on the US tour..."

...anyone would think was getting updated by someone who was reading Brightlight...great, at least the info is accurate.