Monday, May 16, 2011

Albuquerque poster

Mogwai + Errors
Sunshine Theater
Albuquerque NM

13th May 2011

Poster by Rich Kelly

Anyone seen any on-sale info for this? I'm not having much luck with buying posters this time round, most of the artists are so high-profile that their limited stock sells out in no time.

Update: on sale now:


lastsurvivor said...


OMG posters have been putting up a lot of the recent posters with links for those on sale:

The Kevin Tong LA poster sold out quickly on the night (and I'm not selling mine as it's beautiful, sorry). He was there too and chatting at the merch table. Nice guy.

There wasn't a poster the next night in San Diego. I was at the 4 west coast shows and Stuart was at the merch table every night during the errors set. Friendly guy.

jbabhsg said...

This poster was on sale at the Austin show.

Rob said...

Thanks for the info, both.
I'm hoping against hope that some stock of the Tong poster might have been sent to another distro.