Saturday, July 17, 2010

Live mp3 Download Of The Week #3

Live at Gothic Theatre, Denver
May 3rd 2006

The process of circulating these things seems glitchy at best, a fair number of folks still complaining that they're getting the first mp3 (Secret Pint) again.

Given that the company who are processing these free mp3s are the same company who are supposed to be delivering all the pre-ordered download packages for 'Special Moves' in five weeks time, it's to be hoped that someone somewhere is giving them a hefty kick in the backside.

Update: a number of people are reporting that the only reliable way of getting these mp3s is to use a different email address each week. Or, presumably, to unsubscribe from the mailing list and then resubscribe?

Update from Stuart: "That's the live track problem fixed now. Let me know if you hear of any more problems."

It does seem to be working now.


Anonymous said...

Got "Secret Pint" again just now -- both from the supposed "Friend of the Night" link and the newer supposed "Helicon 1" link.

Andy said...

For me, It allocates one track to a specific email address.

For example... I gave my main email address to get the first one, and the other mp3's have come out as 'Secret Pint'. So I tried a second address for 'Friend...' which worked first time, but when used for 'Helicon 1' I got the same. So I tried a third email address and got 'Helicon 1' first time.

Anonymous said...

The link has been taken down while it gets fixed. I let it be known that i wasn't happy about this and was assured that this process is nothing whatsoever to do with the digital distribution of the album/film itself. I can only apologise and will let you know when it is fixed properly. Stuart B

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking into things, Mr. Braithewaite.

Anonymous said... has had each one of these shows, why not link to them?