Friday, January 1, 2010


Stuart's favourite Mogwai shows of the 2000s, as posted on Twitter last night:

1 Santiago, Chile 2002
2 Royal Albert Hall, London, England 2006
3 Reykjavik Iceland 2001
4 ATP NY 2008
5 Fuji Rock Japan 2001

[Entirely unrelated] From Dear Scotland:
What should the Scottish national anthem be?

We Were Promised Jetpacks:
There was some “internet movement” or whatever about making 'Mogwai Fear Satan' the national anthem. I think that’d be good. But the best one would be anything by Jocky Venkataraman.

Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai (on hearing that We Were Promised Jetpacks suggested 'Mogwai Fear Satan’):
Thats very nice of them! I would say that Flower Of Scotland or Scots Wa Hae are both good choices. Anything but God Save the Queen!!

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