Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ATP DVD - buyer's guide

Considering the 'All Tomorrow's Parties' film is supposed to be released on Monday (2nd November), there's a surprising lack of pre-orders around at the moment.

The film's own website http://ourtrueintent.com states 'pre-orders available soon' but has nothing for sale. Bleep.com, the retail arm of Warp Films, has nothing listed either.

Likewise play.com, Norman Records and various other retailers, both digital and physical.

The only two I've found so far:

amazon.co.uk - DVD £13.19 inc free delivery. Release date is listed as 9th November.

hmv.com - DVD £12.99 inc free delivery. Release date is listed as 2nd November.

Worth checking the hmv.com listing for an unexpected bonus - apparently the film stars Robson Green and Jerome Flynn!

Further suggestions welcome.

If anyone from ATP sees this, please can you let me have a decent packshot for the DVD.

Update - from Jamie at ATP:
There have been some delays. Keep an eye on http://ourtrueintent.com as thats where ordering info will be first.

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