Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zaragoza radio broadcast?

A Babelfish translation of suggests that at least part of Mogwai's set at FIZ.09 in Zaragoza (9th October) may have been radio-broadcast? If anyone has any further info, please get in touch.


Bruno said...

Hi, Fiz Zaragoza set list

(in order):

yes im a long way from home

im jim morrison, iam dead

(not in order but more or less):

i know you are but what am i

mogwai fear satan

hunted by a freak


friend of the night

new paths to helicon, part 1

one of this two (tracks 7 or 8 of the hawk is howling, im think that 8 scotlands shame but im not sure)

(in order):

two rights make one wrong


its probably that they played one or maybe two more tracks, or maybe not,

Rob said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Finally the band didnt authorize the broadcasting.. aix...