Friday, August 15, 2008

Mogwai on Rob Da Bank - update

as we reported previously, mogwai are scheduled to be in session on rob da bank's bbc radio 1 show on monday 18th august (midnight to 2am i.e. the early hours of monday morning). the session was recorded on wednesday (13th august), and a band interview was also recorded this week.

the show's website contains no further information on this at the moment.

apparently part of the session will be broadcast on zane lowe's bbc radio 1 show (mon - thurs, 7pm to 9pm). precise details on this are hard to find at present, and makes no mention of a mogwai session, despite having been updated with info on next week's programmes. it's likely that the zane lowe tracks will be different to those broadcast by rob da bank, although this is, again, unconfirmed.

it'll be interesting to hear whether zane lowe can curb his inane prattling for long enough to let his audience hear the mogwai session.

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Beautiful Bitterns said...

The interview segments were really bad as 'Rob' had clearly just looked up Mogwai on Wikipedia. He seemed totally bored and couldn't wait to get the interview over with, taking the piss out of the lads slightly throughout in a kind of patronising way.

Songs chosen by Mogwai:
Growing - Rave Pie
Lift To Experience - These Are The Days
Remember Remember - Imagining This Thing Freeze
The Grifters - Eureka 4
Lil Wayne - A Milli
Hot Snakes - 10th Planet
TV On The Radio - New Health Rock
Spacemen 3 - Revolution

Live Session Tracks:
I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead
The Precipice
Mogwai Fear Satan (Very disappointingly cut off after about 6 minutes by the awful DJ)