Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Batcat video

as many of you will already be aware, the video for mogwai's forthcoming 'batcat' single appeared online on monday.

from http://blog.wired.com/music/2008/08/domenic-hailsto.html:
What is batcat, you ask? Aside from being the nickname for a US Army radar surveillance plane used during the Vietnam War, it's a scary looking creature that shows up during the end of the new Mogwai video for their song by the same name, from their upcoming album The Hawk Is Howling (September 23, Matador).

Batcat is a tightly coiled rager that's likely to be a live favorite, with huge, crunching chords going one way and perfectly shaped counterpoints surging back the other way.

The video's director Domenic Hailstone writes on his MySpace page, "I spent the first few years of my life making giant cardboard monsters and drawing. I then got seriously into computers but was somehow distracted into a career making rubber monsters". After working a number of jobs mostly within the film industry, he apparently decided to combine his loves of filmmaking and monsters to become a film director.

With some judicious camera work, Hailstone makes batcat the living centerpiece of a gentle tale of "boy meets world."

'batcat' is released on monday 8th september (uk/europe, pias) and 9th september (north america, matador).

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Graham said...

...of course for those of us with small children, we all know that Batcat is really Charlie & Lola's favourite super-hero...Is it a cat? No! Is it a bat? No! Is it a cat-bat? ...