Friday, May 9, 2008

Young Team reissue LP packaging

thanks to andrew at chemikal underground for the following notes:

the packaging design was put together by aidan moffat who is doing pretty much all our artwork design these days. the lp box will be almost all black (gloss finish) except for the 'mogwai young team' white text in a red box as it is on the lp & cd in the top left hand corner. the 4 printed inners sleeves are colour.

the 4lp will probably be £30 on the chemikal underground online shop, and we expect it to retail around the £30 in the shops as well, though we can't be 100% what the shops will retail it at as that is down to them.
'young team' is reissued on 26th may in the uk and 27th may in the us.

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