Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MYT reissue update

the deluxe edition of 'mogwai young team' is out now on chemikal underground.

the 4-lp boxset is limited to 2000 and selling well. thanks to andrew for these notes:

the uk distributor had 500, sold out and have been restocked with a further 200. the usa cu people went pretty mad for it last week. at first we were not going to send it over due to shipping/customs costs but the demand was so high that we felt that we should. they have received 500.

yesterday was crazy with our online shop. we had 4 postal sacks full yesterday and 2 on friday. we've been trying to get all orders out the same day.
if you want it, get it ordered as it won't be around long!

additionally, brightlight can confirm that the unknown and previously-unreleased track on the 1998 demo tape sold on ebay last year is 'young face gone wrong', included on disc 2 of the 'mogwai young team' reissue.

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