Sunday, November 25, 2012

CONFINED (to the past?)


Adam Dix / Andre Kruysen / Alex Haw/atmos / Blue Curry
Darren Harvey-Regan / Jan Maarten Voskuil / Kite & Laslett / Mogwai
Mikey Please / Ross Jones / Russell Hill / Sinta Tantra
22nd November from 6pm. ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Location: NEST, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, 2518 RA Den Haag, NETHERLANDS

A guest curated project by William Lunn.

Further details here:

Artist / architect duo Kite and Laslett will present 'Enclosure' with music by Mogwai - a sound and light installation that creates a sense of physical boundaries via the oral and visual senses. Glaswegian musicians Mogwai are well known for creating incredible 'walls of sound' but also for tapping into emotional experiences such as the passing of time or nostalgia, with music that contains no discernible vocals.

Thanks to Mark Smith for emailing with the info, saving me hours of fruitless trawling through Twitter.

Further trawling on

E N C L O S U R E - Double CD Release
Privately released by Kite & Laslett, on sale for £10 at IN SITU - Genius Loci and by email request.

The last three tracks from this CD are on and don't sound, to me, like they're anything to do with Mogwai.

The concept of the installation is the design of an immersive sound and light installation. E N C L O S U R E consists of four suspended pyramidal volumes, arranged concentrically around the central node of the exhibition space. Each volume serves to emit sound and light towards the centre in a manner in which inner and outer spatial areas are defined and separated. Standing at the node, the participants are blinded by light, thus focusing their perception towards sound. The projected sounds pass from one volume to the next, creating a dissonant and ever evolving sound field. Standing in the path of the moving sounds a kinaesthetic sensation of sound is passed through the human body. The piece will be the only source of lighting in the space providing a dramatic ambience.In addition to the installation itself, this special event includes live sound mixing, guest musical performance and audience participation.

All of which suggests that Enclosure is an entirely live experience and that the contributing music artists change every time it's shown?

Educated guesswork suggests that previously-released Mogwai music was used when Enclosure was shown in Den Haag on Thursday. Further info very much welcome, from anyone involved in the project or anyone who was there.

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