Sunday, July 17, 2011

Missing setlists

Thanks to the efforts of a considerable number of contributors, the Mogwai gigography holds more info than anyone could possibly need.

But there's always room for more. If anyone attended these shows and can provide or clarify setlist details, please get in touch. Setlist photos are always useful, even if they're part-sideways images of Barry's keyboard list (see here)

30th June - Fusion Festival, Lärz
19th May - Workplay Theatre, Birmingham AL

3rd July - Festival Beauregard, Hérouville Saint Clair

5th September - Sugar, Victoria BC
30th August - Debeschaving Festival, Utrecht
6th August - øya Festival, Oslo
13th July - Ilosaarirock Festival, Joensuu
28th June - Sled Island Festival, Calgary

23rd June - Hurricane Festival, Scheeßel

As you can see from this list, festival setlists are particularly difficult to find. Any help much appreciated.
Then I'll start REALLY testing your memories with 2006 and earlier.

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