Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mogwai collaborate with Douglas Gordon again

Back on 30th April, reported that Mogwai were "mixing The Singing Mountain".

EMSCHERKUNST.2010, the biggest art project of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010, includes a work entitled 'Monument For A Forgotten Future" by Olaf Nicolai and Douglas Gordon with Mogwai

Further info here and here. The second of these links includes mention of 'The Singing Mountain'.

EMSCHERKUNST.2010 began at the end of May and is scheduled to last 100 days. It takes place on Emscher Island, near Essen in Germany.

Mogwai previously collaborated with Douglas Gordon in 2006, providing the soundtrack to the 'Zidane' movie.

Further info as we get it. Thanks Thomas.

Thanks to Markus for translating the articles on the EMSCHERKUNST.2010 into English. These include some notes on an eventual CD release for 'The Singing Mountain'. The final sentence is worth noting for potential visitors to the project.

On "Wild Island" (which is situated to the north of the water lock in Gelsenkirchen) one of the most extraordinary projects of the Emscherkunst art festival is being created under the working title "monument for a forgotten future". It's a full scale copy of a mountain top from the Joshua Tree national park in Los Angeles which has been put on top of "Wild Island" and which is supposed to work as a (un-)natural phenomenon.

The mountain also sings: visitors can listen to a song that has been commissioned from Scottish rock band Mogwai as a hymn to the Ruhr, a "Song for the River Emscher". Under the artistic direction of Douglas Gordon, Mogwai will write this song which will be see its premiere on "Wild Island" and which can only be heard here for the duration of the exhibition. After the end of the exhibition, it will get a commercial release. The cover art for the CD will show the Singing Mountain - so that the Emscher project will finally be distributed worldwide.

Please note that this piece of art is being created during the exhibition. We will keep you informed about the exact date.

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the mogwai song is going to be played the first time on 11th September.