Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Glasgow PodcART - episode 39

Episode 39: PodcART Young Team

11.18.2009 | Podcast

Welcome to a very special podcast for us and we are sure for many other people. For many of us involved in PodcART we have been Mogwai fans since the band started. This week we are lucky enough to have Stuart Braithwaite from the band guesting with us. He joins Sean, Halina, Ally, Nicola and Louise for the usual innuendo filled banter, music chat and an idea of what is happening next with Mogwai.

We have to say an enormous thank you to Stuart for joining us. It is certainly a milestone since the beginning and he lived up to being a an interesting and highly amusing gent.

Update: the podcast is 93 mins long, music tracklist on the Glasgow PodcART link above. Main items of Mogwai 'news':

'Burning' is likely to be screened at the Glasgow Film Festival [18th - 28th Feb 2010]

Current plan for 2010 is writing new songs (spring), recording (summer), mixing (autumn) for a tentative release in spring 2011. They're actively avoiding taking bookings for live shows in 2010.

There's some stuff about pedals.

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