Sunday, November 23, 2008


Mogwai Teaser from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.

The second trailer for the new Deft/WCF productions video due out in early 2009. The video will feature bladers from Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. Highlighting the video will be: Bruce Bales, Caleb Smith, Josh Goodell, Codee Jennings, Logan Clark, Andrew Hall, Josh Hudson, Josh Mauer, Josh Wordel, Josh Elsbecker, Steve Lerner, Ryan Miller, Corey Buller, and more.
I hope this means something to someone...

Update: In response to a couple of enquiries - the soundtrack to this clip is the Government Commissions recording of 'Stop Coming To My House'.


Anonymous said...

track on this trailer? Is this a live version?

Anonymous said...

I saw your "I hope this means something to someone" comment. I want you to know your work is very much appreciated. I've been extremely busy this past few months, and I've only this weekend gotten around to finally listening to some of "Hawk is Howling". I was feeling like crap today on the train and "Scotland's Shame" came on and I wasn't expecting too much, but it blew me away; it was so beautiful.

Looks like I'll really enjoy this new album and I thank you for keeping me up to date on stuff.

Take care, guys.
Muldfeld (My Live Journal thing won't work)

Rob said...

Thanks for the kind words.