Friday, October 3, 2014

Teenage Exorcists stream

'Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1.' our new EP is out 1st December via our Rock Action Records label.
Three new songs + three remixes from Nils Frahm, Blanck Mass and Pye Corner Audio

And from The Skinny:
Blanck Mass, Pye Corner Audio and Nils Frahm contribute remixes of Rave Tapes tracks, alongside fresh cuts Teenage Exorcists, History Day, and HMP Shaun William Ryder. Listen to lead track Teenage Exorcists in the player below.

Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. is out on CD, download and 12'' vinyl on 1 Dec, via Rock Action.


Teenage Exorcists
History Day
HMP Shaun William Ryder
Re-Remurdered (Blanck Mass remix)
No Medicine For Regret (Pye Corner Audio remix)
The Lord Is Out Of Control (Nils Frahm remix)

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