Friday, January 17, 2014

Rave Tapes streams and ordering info

Mogwai have a new album out on Monday 20th January, via Rock Action. It's called Rave Tapes.

It's out on Tuesday 21st January in North America, via Sub Pop.

UK - listen to the whole album here, and read Stuart's introduction:

Germany - listen here:

Belgium/France - listen here:

Japan - listen here:
The Japanese edition was released by Hostess Records on 15th Jan 2014 and includes two bonus tracks, Bad Magician 3 and Die 1 Dislike!, both of which are included on the Rave Tapes box set.

Rave Tapes has already been released in Australia:

The Rave Tapes box set includes the album on cassette. A limited number of these cassettes will also be on sale from the merch stand at Mogwai's forthcoming shows.

The box set is sold out via Mogwai's online store, but CD/LP/download can be purchased here:

The box set will be available via physical record stores from Monday 20th Jan. Rave Tapes is also released on LP (inc download) / CD / download. There's a UK-indies-only LP including a one-track bonus 7" ('Tell Everyone That I Love Them') - again, this track is included in the box set.

Mogwai have published a list of some online retailers who are selling the box set:
As noted, this is not an exhaustive list.

In North America, the album and box set can be ordered from Sub Pop

Signed copies of the album will be available from Monorail Records in Glasgow.

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