Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stuart and Barry review the singles

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (7 Mar, Atlas)

Barry: Sounds a wee bit like a South Park parody.
Stuart: (reading press release) What’s this ‘missing link’? Why do we need a fucking missing link between Burial, The XX and Feist? (adopting confused consumer impersonation) ‘I love these three records but... where’s the fucking missing link!? Here it is! Here’s the missing link!’
Barry: Record collection complete.
Stuart: I’m a fan of his music but not his singing. Maybe when his baws drop and he’s got something to sing about...
Barry: (dissolving into hysterics) You can’t say that!
Stuart: I did.

Note photo of Barry in THAT jumper. I wonder if it's been washed?

Update: another very readable interview with Barry, before the Bristol show last week:

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