Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gigography appeal

See that, above? It's the setlist from Mogwai's show in Leuven, Belgium on 6th November 1997, and it's appeared online for the first time ever today. Thanks to Christophe for having a trawl through the vaults.

So - can you help? Brightlight seems to be enjoying an upturn in traffic, with Mogwai being out on tour again (I think there might be a new record too? Not sure about that one though, they seem to be keeping it quiet). If you've seen Mogwai in the past, and there's any info on the show(s) you saw missing from the gigography, I'd very much appreciate you getting in touch. Setlists, comments, photos etc etc etc. Get that box out of the loft/basement/shed, take a photo of that setlist you've had stashed for ages on your fancy iPhone and send it in! Easy! (You can take photos on an iPhone, right?)

The gigography is here, by the way:

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